Back in February - February 2020


'Youngblood' Jesse Love's mystery partner was revealed to be none other than 'The Best In The Game' Tim Hayden.

With Luxford not appearing, the scheduled Tag Team Match was changed to a handicap match.

Jesse Love & Tim Hayden def. Bodhi Jackson via pinfall to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions.

Sweet Ass returned to the IPW ring to declare that Kiwi Thriller will now be competing in singles matches.

Kiwi Thriller def. Slammin' Sam via submission.

Reaper def. Dick Brutal via count out.

Flashman returned to the IPW ring to declare that he would taking a role to develop the 'next generation' of IPW, and would become the mentor of the winner of the next match.

Chad Atlas def. Nick Breeze via pinfall.

Following the match there was an altercation between Nick Breeze and Flashman, with Breeze protesting that he was under the ropes during the final pinfall. Flashman concluded the argument with a Flashbang to Nick Breeze.

L.F.B def RIP via pinfall to retain the IPW Unified Championship. During the match Dick Brutal attempted to interfere, but was stopped by the returning Bojack.

Following the match Bojack spoke to the crowd and declared the L.F.B had truly earnt his Unified Championship.

CJ def. Ashe via pinfall in an Unsanctioned Match.

Bodhi Jackson def. Skhorn to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion.