Veteran wrestler Peter Ball (aka ‘The Hawk’ 'The Assassin' 'Bruno Ball')

 Now retired, Peter has trained hundreds of wrestlers, many of whom have gone on to local, national and international success. He was himself, trained by the legendary ‘King Curtis’, who terrorized the world wrestling scene for more than thirty years.

Appearing in NZ Television series 'On The Mat', and wrestling at Festival Hall in front of huge crowds, Peter rubbed shoulders with many legends, the most well known being the likes of Andre The Giant and Rick Flair.

 Peter, a former Stuntman, Actor and Entrepreneur, also appeared in many TV commercials and movies throughout his career. Famously known for driving a car off a high rise building in an advertisement for Sleepyhead Mattresses, he had a reputation for being the 'real deal' when it came to stunt work.

Working with Nathan Jones and Jackie Chan for the Movie ‘First Strike', was one of his more memorable moments, as well as his role in The Phantom, where he had the pleasure of being shot out of a cannon.

 Peter Ball retired from Wrestling at the age of 69 on 1st July 2015.

He now operates in a consultancy capacity to the wrestling Industry.


On 1st July 2015, and after a lifetime wrestling both here and abroad, Peter Ball handed over the reins of IPW. He now welcomes Josh and Tarryn Ives as the new owners of Impact Pro Wrestling Australia.

 Josh and Tarryn Ives

 Josh Ives, with his wife Tarryn, have now become the new owners of Impact Pro Wrestling Australia.

  Josh, known as the 'Big Man' of Wrestling, and former member of 'The Lords of Darkness' brings a number of years wrestling experience working alongside Peter, to the table. With a theatrical background and a passion for people, Josh has the knowledge and dedication needed to take IPW into the next millennia.

Tarryn, well supports the team with a background in Sales and Marketing. Her level headed approach and practical problem solving is a valuable asset to the company.

2021 sees the opening of a new wrestling school venue in Kingston Qld, IPW's 'SweatShop' is open to all ages and abilities.